About me
Hi, I’m Lorraine Smith
I am sharing my story with you because we are all human we all have a story and it’s important for me that you understand that I have experiences in life that have made me who I am now.
A journey of self-discovery
I have been on a journey of re-discovery since 2018. Having spent the majority of my career in IT I found myself out of work in 2014 and took a job in a hotel to make ends meet. If you have ever worked in a hotel you will know just how much work it entails and having worked my way up to management level I found the work-life balance went out of the window and my life was consumed with work.

So again I took the decision to leave without a plan nor any idea of what to do. Whilst I was taking some time to look at my options I started getting pains in my shoulder to the point I was in agony with shooting pains at the very smallest movement. I ended up in A&E and found that the care was very much lacking. At one point the Doctor asked me “well what do you want me to do?” After some X-rays and morphine he told me to rest and sent me home with no further help.
I ended up going to a Chiropractor the next day who assessed me and diagnosed a frozen shoulder. She told me I was looking at months of not being able to use my arm gave me some treatment and exercises to do and to come back. I went to the GP who gave me painkillers and said it would fix itself in 1-2 years and sent me on my way.
I was determined not to be stuck for that long and got more chiropractic treatment. However in between I used lots of self massage treatments rigorously and doing my exercises a lot. I regained movement much to my chiropractors surprise and by the end of 2 weeks I was almost back to normal.
The power of massage
I realised the power of massage from that experience and it’s what stopped me from 2 years of suffering. So my new journey into soft tissue therapy began.

However I also came across a wonderful physiotherapist who specialised in Women’s Health. I had no idea that these kind of things were available and I felt a calling to learn more about it and develop a specialism in Women’s Heath to help others who have been in the similar situations to me.
So I trained in Sports Massage and achieved a VTCT Level 3 qualification. As part of the course I had to find a placement for practical experience. It just so happened that I ended up working at Leighton Town FC. I have been there ever since working with the players supporting them to keep injury free and if they do get injured to aid their recovery. I also went on to get my level 4 certificate so that I can work with injuries and support recovery.
A personal battle with health
I have battled with an under active thyroid since I was 19, I have found it very difficult to find the right levels of medication and treatment to balance my body and hormones and as a result I found it very difficult to fall pregnant. It took 2 years of stress and worry to conceive my daughter. I had tests that showed no medical problems but my periods were irregular and being overweight from my health problems didn’t help. At the time I had no idea that my thyroid could impact my female hormones.

However it did finally happen when I had decided to give up trying, I experienced all sorts of things during my pregnancy. I had quite bad morning sickness. I had a condition called polyhydramis which meant excess fluid as a result my bump was huge I looked like I was carrying twins. I was also warned to expect my daughter to arrive 6 weeks early due to the excessive fluid. The last four weeks of my pregnancy I had a trapped nerve in my back I was unable to get this resolved as the chiropractor didn’t want to treat it as my hip would likely dislocate. If only I knew what I know now I could have found someone like me for relief through massage.
I was in labour for 48 hours after my waters broke and discovered that my daughter was in distress and an emergency C Section was required to save her life. The cord was round her neck and every contraction was slowly strangling her. It was the most scary experience of my life and what I remember of the events now it still stays with me.
After the c section I found recovery difficult and slow I was struggling to stand up straight. I had problems with my scar healing and the internal pulling and pains although they got better still hurt and continued to hurt ever since.
A discovery
That is until I discovered scarwork, I was on one of my training courses and one of the scarwork tutors was also on the course and I got a demonstration done on my scar. The results were amazing and I instantly felt the difference it also felt like I had done 200 sit-ups and I had more control over my muscles than I had done for 13 years. I instantly went home and booked on the course because I knew the benefits I could give others were amazing. I had tried other versions of scar therapy prior to this none had been as significant in making a difference as this one session.

I have always researched all my training courses and made sure that they are really worth doing I speak to other therapists and get their feedback and I also ensure that the trainers are some of the very best in their fields and are very highly recommended, skilled and respected. This is why I can be confident that I am helping people in the best possible way as I have the right level of training and skills to give the best care.
Thank you
Thank you for reading my story and I hope that this gives you the confidence that I do understand the struggles that we can experience as women. That my battles with female health helps to drive me and I am passionate about making sure that you are given the right support to be healthy and well.
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