Oncology massage
Massage therapy can be beneficial to your mind, body and spirit during cancer treatment.
Oncology massage is a form of non-invasive, compassionate touch, massage therapy is a form of touch that causes no pain.
There is a difference between oncology massage and traditional massage and this requires a specialist training course to be able to care for you throughout your treatment.
Massage therapy is safe for cancer patients as long as they are seen by someone trained in oncology massage. However please talk to your doctor before undergoing oncology massage to make sure it is right for you.
The stress and anxiety associated with cancer treatment can put the body's central nervous system on high alert. During cancer treatment, the body sometimes forgets that feeling of actually being relaxed so we work to relax the central nervous system so the body has space and time to heal and fight cancer.
These are the benefits to receiving oncology massage
Better ability to tolerate dance treatment side effects
Better sleep
Fewer headaches
less chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (numbness)
Less chemotherapy-related nausea
Less chronic pain either from the cancer itself or treatment
Less stress and anxiety
The emotional and spiritual benefits of oncology massage
Regain dignity - feel more positive
Ooncology massage can help you to regain dignity and feel more positive, calm and clear about your circumstances.
Is this treatment suitable for me?
Oncology massage can be done at any stage of your treatment even during chemotherapy cycles. Your therapist is trained to take cancer specific factors into consideration such as:
any ports, lines, internal and external medical devices
area that are directly over a tumour or any lymph nodes (glands) affected by cancer
areas that are bruised or sensitive
areas being treated with radiotherapy, during treatment and for a few weeks after it finishes
the area around intravenous catheters (such as central lines) and pain relief patches
areas affected by blood clots, poor circulation and varicose veins
There may be some circumstances that treatment isn’t suitable at a specific time but your therapist will discuss this with you and will give you alternative solutions that you can do at home during this time.
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