Scar Therapy
ScarWork is a gentle, painless approach designed to assist with scar and adhesion problems after surgery/injury
ScarWork is a manual treatment for scars and adhesions. Sharon Wheeler is the originator of these gentle techniques which promote improvement in scars and the underlying tissue, regardless of the age of the trauma.
ScarWork treatment is used to improve the health and feel of scars from surgery or accidents. Most people try ScarWork because scar tissue is the cause of discomfort. This may be pain, reduced mobility or a feeling of tightness. The scar may be numb, itchy or feeling sensitive and irritated. Stimulation to the tissues is likely to promote the blood and lymphatic supply, essential for cell regeneration. After treatment, clients often comment their scars feel softer, mobility has improved and they feel less pain. Improvement after treatment seems to be lasting and even single sessions can be helpful.
The client should find a ScarWork treatment comfortable to receive. Communication to indicate if there is any discomfort will allow the therapist to respond, adjusting the pressure, technique or moving away from the sensitive area while things calm down. Generally a series of treatments is most effective, and each treatment should bring incremental improvements.
Is scar work suitable for me?
There are very few reasons why scar work would not be suitable for you.
Scarwork cannot be performed in the following circumstances;
You are currently pregnant
You have an infection
Your scar is less than 6 weeks old
If you have any conditions that you are concerned about please book a free consultation.
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