Sports Massage
What makes our sports massages different?
LMS Therapy works to the need of the clients tissue which results in a massage that you need rather than a massage full of pain that a lot of people associate with sports massage. Although with all of our treatments this is your time and if you like your Sports Massage firm then we are happy to oblige.
However, you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from Sports massage. Perhaps you have a manual job or spend lots of time lifting and balancing a baby on your hip. Maybe you suffer with sprains and strains from your work or from being a weekend warrior.
Over time, muscles due to bad posture, injuries and stress. Sports massage breaks down the toxins and muscle fibres, allowing the body to heal, releasing muscle tension and decreasing inflammation.
The technique increasing blood flow and nutrients to previously blocked areas and moves waste and lactic acid from the muscles into the lymphatic system, ready for disposal.
This frees up the muscle and surrounding joints to enable a better range of movement with decreased pain.
Sports massage can also help realign the skeleton, complimenting other therapies you may be having.
Your treatment will be based on your own personal goals. An initial session will include a consultation to discover why you are seeking massage and what your personal goals for your session may be.
Is sports massage suitable for me?

Sports massage is great for the majority of people it can aid in recovering from injuries and long term pain conditions. There are various techniques that we can use which mean the experience doesn’t need to be a painful one.

There are however some circumstance where sports massage is not appropriate or you need to check with your GP/Consultant prior to attending. If you have any of these conditions or another long term health condition please book a free consultation before making a booking.

Uncontrolled high/low blood pressure
Heart Conditions
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